FreightRoll is a next-generation freight marketplace and collaboration engine focused on the FTL market. We provide our shippers with the ability to quote, book, arrange and track shipments from beginning to end and help our truckload carriers to fill their empty miles, better communicate with each piece of the value chain and get paid more quickly. If necessary, you can call us if you’d prefer, but we enable you to perform nearly all necessary functions in minutes without ever having to touch a phone.

It’s easy! Provide us with company information through our “Sign up” form. We will do a little research and then call you to discuss your needs before confirming your account. Once confirmed, you can log on and use our platform to book new shipments, manage existing shipments and rebook past shipments.

FreightRoll carriers have been individually screened to ensure they meet our strict qualifications (FMCSA rating, minimum insurance levels, etc.). After they are approved, they join our network and receive first option for all loads booked through our website. We will occasionally use carriers outside of our network who are subject to the same stringent requirements as our network carriers.

We want to make sure that you’re not hung out to dry as a customer, so we will notify you within an hour if we are unable to fill the load. If the load is booked further than a day out, we will notify you 23 hours before the load is to be picked up if we can’t find a truck. .row

A Premium Quote will always be a higher price and it gives our system flexibility in terms of being able to find a truck more quickly. It is calculated using our algorithms and is set at a price that any carrier within a reasonable radius is unlikely to refuse.

As you might imagine, it’s the broker fee that we collect. It is very simple and it is ~10% of each load. We think lack transparency in pricing is a big issue for the industry, so we are transparent so that you know the fee that you’re being charged.

As a new member of the site, your default payment method will be via credit card. If you would like to apply for trade credit, please email us directly and we will clear you. This will likely require credit references.

Cancelling a load before a carrier has accepted it is easy. We have all of your pending shipments on your dashboard in the “Live Shipments” section. Find the load you want cancelled, click on the load number and hit the cancel button on the bottom of the page. If a carrier has accepted the load already, you will need to contact us directly to cancel the load and depending on the situation, carrier compensation may be required.

A quoted price can change only if the parameters of your shipment have changed after booking. Examples include unexpected detention times, change of delivery address, if driver labor is required, storage or drop trailers.

We offer two options for our shippers: 30 days and credit card.

You (the shipper) are responsible for providing the Bill of Lading to the driver at the pick-up location.


Simple! Go to the sign-up page on our website and enter the required information. Once entered, we will do a little background work to verify you meet the criteria and will contact you to request any additional information that we need to ensure that the arrangement makes sense. We will at the very least need to verify your insurance and ensure that you have a professional and clean track record. We move loads of declared value <$100K, so your insurance must at least meet that requirement.

FreightRoll offers QuickPay (<5 days, usually 1 day after receiving all necessary paperwork) at no cost to our carriers. Payments are made through our large factoring provider.

There are two ways to be alerted to potential loads in which you may be interested. The FreightRoll website offers an online load board for our carriers which will show you available loads. Since we don’t expect you to sit on our website all day, we will also send email alerts to our carriers for loads in which you might be interested. If you are interested, just log onto the FreightRoll website and accept the load.

Full truckload dry van loads and flatbed loads will be available to our carriers.

FreightRoll is FREE to join and start using. You will receive payment after completing loads for FreightRoll customers.

Absolutely! FreightRoll is also a great way to expand your business!

The shipper is responsible for providing the Bill of Lading.  However, if they are unable to provide a Bill of Lading, please provide one yourself in order to keep record of the shipment.  After the load is delivered, the Bill of Lading should be emailed or faxed to us.

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