Automate your Gate and Documents to get your savings Rolling
Our automated gate and paperless trade documents
can save you up to $100Ks per warehouse and
improve visibility into your supply chain.
Automated and Contactless

FreightRoll is on a mission to reduce wasteful manual processes in the yard.
By leveraging our hardware-enabled software solution for your gate and chain of custody transfer, you
save money and reduce your carbon footprint while increasing visibility into your yard.

Digital Gate Guard reduces manual involvement
Faster throughput at the check-in / out gates reducing yard congestion
Improved contactless driver experience = shipper of choice = better rates
Reduce errors and labor from manual processes
Digital entry speeds up gate-in and gate-out processes, improving turns
No App, QR code or knowledge of site rules required prior to arrival due to prescriptive driver instructions on kiosks
Register once, reuse simple "Tap and Go" experience at all FreightRoll facilities. Encourage your shipper customers to join!
Digital recording of in / out times and digital documentation to provide a single source of truth to you and your shipper partners

Automate your Gate & Documents = Digitize your Supply Chain

The yard is the interface between the shipper and carrier. By digitizing these processes, it starts your journey to a Digital Supply Chain.